EOY Information

April 28, 2020

Parents, Thank you for being patient with us as we finalize our plans for you to drop off and pick up your child(ren)’s items at Crystal Lake Elementary. On our website we posted the times for you to pick up your child’s items. Not every item below will be in your student’s bags.

These are a few of the items that could be included:

  • Your student’s school supplies from their desks
  • Your child’s consumable textbooks
  • Awards for End of the Year Celebration
  • Your child’s PAM items (P.E. Art and Music)
    • Items created in art class
    • Recorders from Music

The items we will need back from you:

  • Library books – please look around and see if you can find missing books
    • Our staff has been contacting parents to remind them


  • Classroom books – please label the books for return to help us
    • Either blue painter’s tape with teacher name on tape or
    • Place items in a bag with teacher name on bag
  • Patrol vests
  • Any other items from the school
    • Please label – i.e. music room to make return easier for everyone

Each grade level has a day. Each teacher has a time. The days for pick-up and drop off are May 15, May 19 and May 22. This gives our teachers some time to create awards, place art and music items into the correct bags and stage areas for pick-up. There is a lot that will happen. It would help us greatly if you could pick up your child’s items in your time slot. If not, we will have a location for temporary storage.

Here are the dates and locations for pick-up at CLES: - For Specific times please click on your child's grade Level

May 15

Kindergarten – Bus Loop

3rd Grade – Car Loop

May 19

1st Grade – Bus Loop

5th Grade – Car Loop

May 22

2nd Grade – Bus Loop

4th Grade – Car Loop

Some teachers will be at the school to help us distribute items during their time slots.

  • If you have multiple students at Crystal Lake both bags will be picked up during the earliest time. For example:
    • Kindergarten and 4th grade student pick up both children’s items on May 15th
    • 2nd grade pick-up at 10:30 and 4th grade pick-up at 1:30 the 4th grade items will be placed with the 2nd grade student bag
    • 5th grade classes will not be distributed in the earlier times. ALL 5th grade will be given out at the 5th grade time. Another words if a 3rd grade student and 5th grade student are siblings the parent will make a second trip.
  • Bags will be placed in ABC order. As you drive up the A bags will be first and Z bags last. If your name is Walden, drive to the end of the bag group.
  • Bins for library books and other items will be placed on the car loop and bus loop for return. When you pick up bags please return items.
  • Pictures - these include class pictures delivered over Spring Break
  • Medications - our clinic assistant or other staff member will be there to hand over any medications form the clinic. It would be helpful if you made a sign (like car rider) to indicate your child. This will help us get ready.

Yearbooks have not arrived yet. If we receive them by the pick-up time they will be added to the bags. We are discussing with the company about mailing them directly to homes.