Scouts BSA Troop 4507 Bahamas supplies

September 06, 2019

Scouts BSA Troop 4507 is collecting supplies to help people in the Bahamas recover after Hurricane Dorian. We are collecting the following supplies:

Bahamas    Crystal Lake CrocsScouts Image

· Water (cases please - no pallets)

· Canned Goods

· Sunscreen

· Diapers

· Baby Formula

· Deodorant

· Hand Sanitizer

· Shampoo

· Soaps (bar of liquid)

· Toothpaste

We will collect items starting Friday 9/6/19 through Friday 9/13/19 (items will be shipped directly to the Abacos Islands courtesy of Air Unlimited).

Please bring your items to the front office.

Thank you for your support!