University of Central Florida: K-12 Live Online Reading Classes: Available Now

May 06, 2020

The University of Central Florida K-12 Reading Program has opened early, reduced rates, and converted all classes to a live online format, to help parents and schools maintain student education during these unusual times. Teacher-led online classes are available now and throughout the summer, for Pre-K through 12th grade students.

The curriculum is high caliber and has been taught in a live, online format for 5 years already with over 50,000 school-age students.  The classes are led by highly-trained teachers with many years’ experience teaching effectively in online classrooms.  Skills taught include:

Early Elementary: letter recognition, phonemic awareness, sight words, phonics
Mid-to-Late Elementary: fluency, phonics, long-word decoding, comprehension, textbook reading, writing
Middle and High School: doubling reading speed, comprehension, writing, notetaking, test preparation, textbook strategies

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